FIDO Taipei Workshop Recap Video

[Watch the FIDO Taipei Workshop Recap Video]

On April 24, 2024, the FIDO Alliance held its first ever in-person FDO Workshop at the Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica Nangang Campus in Taipei. The event attracted over 100 attendees from 30 different organizations. This workshop was dedicated to unveiling the power of the FIDO Device Onboard (FDO)—a revolutionary open standard that simplifies and secures the device onboarding process by moving away from legacy approaches that often rely on inefficient and insecure passwords and other knowledge-based credentials.

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[Pictures from FIDO Taipei Workshop]

The sessions included “FDO 101,” “FDO Certification Programs,” “How to Deploy FDO” and diverse showcases from leaders in edge computing and IoT. Companies including Intel, ASRock, Red Hat, Dell, VinCSS, and Infineon demonstrated how they have developed, applied, and used FDO in their solutions. We are excited to share slides from the workshop:

  • Introduction to FDO and How It Works: Richard Kerslake, Market Development Manager, Connected Device Standards, FIDO Alliance (Download Slides)
  • The Value of Certifying Products for FDO: Paul Heim, Director of Certification, FIDO Alliance (Download Slides)
  • Choosing the Right FDO Deployment Model for Your Application: Geoffrey Cooper, Intel (Download Slides)
  • Simplified FDO Manufacturing Flow with TPMs: Liam Cheng, Marketing Manager, Infineon (Download Slides)
  • Linux Foundation Edge – Overview of FDO Software Components: Randy Templeton, Software Engineer, Intel (Download Slides)
  • Where to Learn More about FDO: Richard Kerslake, Market Development Manager, Connected Device Standards, FIDO Alliance (Download Slides)
  • Secure Zero Touch Enabled Edge Compute with Dell NativEdge via FDO: Brad Goodman, Architect, Edge Computing, Dell (Download Slides)
  • FDO for Camera, Sensor, and Networking Device – Commercial Solution from VinCSS: Quan Do Head of IoT Security Solutions & Van Nguyen, Senior Researcher, R&D Center, VinCSS (Download Slides)
  • How Red Hat Uses FDO in Device Lifecycle: Costin Gament, Senior Integration Engineer & Vitaliy Emporopulo, Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat (Download Slides)
  • ASRock Industrial’s FDO Solutions in Action for Industrial Edge AI: Kenny Chang, VP of Product and Marketing Division, ASRock Industrial (Download Slides)
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[Pictures from FIDO Taipei Workshop]

We had the honor of welcoming the newly inaugurated Minister of Digital Affairs, Dr. Yennun Huang, along with other key government officials who participated to extend their congratulations on FIDO Alliance’s contributions to the digitally connected world. The event garnered significant attention from various local media outlets, including Liberty Times Net, Radio Taiwan International, Yahoo Taiwan, EE Times, CNA News, iThome, and many others.

The FIDO Alliance sincerely thanks our sponsors for their unwavering commitment to a password-free future, which was crucial in making the first-ever in-person FDO Workshop possible. Their ongoing dedication was essential to the event’s success. We look forward to the continued partnerships and insights gained during this workshop, which will help shape a more secure digital future.

We invite you to join us for the next in-person event, the FIDO APAC Summit 2024, scheduled for September 10-11, 2024, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This summit will feature a comprehensive FDO workshop among its sessions.

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