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Based on the philosophy of “make every world better” Soft Giken’s mission is to create a society in which everyone can handle all information in the world safely and securely.

Soft Giken provides “YubiOn Authentication Solution” that supports from computer two-factor authentication login to cloud authentication. The YubiOn authentication solution also supports FIDO-based multi-factor authentication. It solves the problem of online authentication by eliminating the anxiety about using the traditional ID and password login method and pursuing ease of use. With the YubiOn authentication solution, you can reduce the cost and effort of operating and managing IT assets while increasing security by strengthening authentication with FIDO.

“YubiOn Authentication Solution” is provided with an administration site so that the administrator of the information system department can easily manage the authentication function, and can also improve the efficiency of work. The spare time that has been born can be used for new data utilization and in-house service development. By applying the YubiOn authentication solution, the information systems department can focus more on new challenges such as digital transformation.



YubiOn FIDO Logon
YubiOn FIDO Logon is a solution that enhances computer logon to two-factor authentication using FIDO.
A management site is prepared for easy management by service providers, service system builders, and managers of in-house information system departments, and business efficiency can be improved. It provides a cloud-based management site that centrally manages users, computers, and external authenticators and the FIDO Logon API to enhance security. YubiOn FIDO Logon is available with a FIDO2 certified external authenticator. We also sell external authenticators, so we can provide them to clients together with the solution.

YubiOn FIDO2(R) Server
With FIDO2 Server, which can safely use the entrance of RP (Relying Party) in various business fields, it is possible to use biometric authentication and security devices provided by our company for Web applications targeting computers and smartphones.

YubiOn FIDO2(R) Appliance Server
Appliance server that implements YubiOn FIDO2 (R) Server
Providing the core network management technology that is indispensable for corporate infrastructure in the form of an appliance, reducing TCO, improving visibility and availability of complex network management, increasing stable network uptime, supporting corporate business and the latest Providing ICT solutions.
(Current version is for Japan)


YubiOn FIDO Logon
YubiOn FIDO Logon
A FIDO2/WebAuthn demonstration
A FIDO2/WebAuthn demonstration

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