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OCTATCO was founded with the purpose of building “Usable, Feasible & Valuable” technology that strengthen users’ security and reduce risk exposure to various cyber threats.

OCTATCO offers phishing-resistant MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) solutions based on FIDO Certified Standards and comes in a wide variety of options ensuring that they can be used across all organizations and across all devices. OCTATCO, as a leader in the security authentication domain, believes that strong security starts from strong authentication.

Passwordless is the answer to the world’s password problem.

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EzQuant is the world's first quantum technology-based, FIDO-certified fingerprint security key. EzQuant is embedded with a quantum random number generator chip, which launches key cryptography to the next level. QRNGs produce true randomness and 0 chance of predictability. EzQuant was developed in close collaboration with SK Telecom and IDQ, the industry leaders in telecommunications and quantum crypto solutions respectively. EzQuant is used to replace passwords with strong biometric authentication across digital accounts. Built-in NFC function enables physical access control in work environments since it can be used as a portable NFC card reader. EzQuant is ideal for use in work environments where authorized access is a very important priority. EzQuant prevents account takeovers, data breaches in a company. Card-type design improves user convenience and compensates for different user needs.

EzFinger C:

EzFinger C is a desired addition to the EzFinger product series. It is a FIDO-compatible fingerprint security key, which exhibits the true sense of 'all-in-one' functionality. EzFinger C is compatible with FIDO2 and FIDO U2F protocols on laptops and tablets. One security key paves the way to secure online authentication across many web services on multiple devices. EzFinger C boasts expanded usability and upgraded user experience. It offers the same strong multi-factor biometric authentication to ensure strong security. Use EzFinger C to roam across your everyday devices to log in securely to your online accounts.

EzFinger 2+:

EzFinger2+ is an upgraded version of Ezfinger2, a FIDO-certified fingerprint security key. EzFinger2+ applies a next-generation security chip, which features enhanced cryptography, secure storage, and rapid execution. The fingerprint sensor is also faster. Ezfinger2+ extends its compatibility with one more FIDO protocol. FIDO U2F support makes EzFinger2+ applicable across many more online services such as Gmail, Facebook, Dropbox, and so on. EzFinger2+ is a new way to protect your digital assets. FIDO-certified biometric authentication prevents account takeovers and acts as a single defense factor against theft, phishing, hacking, or other cyber threats.

EzFinger Desktop:

EzFinger Desktop Cradle completes the product series with the goal of enriching the user experience. EzFinger 2+ comes with a desktop cradle, designed for optimal desktop use. The cradle is weighted and sits on your desk still. The cradle is durable and made to last for a long time. EzFinger2+ with a desktop cradle upgrades the user's fingerprint sign-in to a next-level seamless experience. It is ideal for enterprise integration and authentication. EzFinger Desktop Cradle supports multiple FIDO protocols (FIDO2 and FIDO U2f), and Windows Hello.


OCTATCO’s passwordless MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) solution, EzAuth, provides the most secure and convenient authentication and increases the productivity of organizations, and protects assets safely.


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