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IDEMIA’s mission is to create a safe and simple future where identity verification is indisputable and only each individual can assert his or her personal identity – in a way that ensures privacy and trust and guarantees secure, authenticated and verifiable transactions. As a trusted partner to government agencies for more than 60 years, IDEMIA is the undisputed leader in civil identity, public security, secure credentials, and commercial markets for biometric identification and document authentication.



The ID-One PIV smart card combines physical and logical access credentials into a single card, thereby eliminating the need for multiple credentials. The card is manufactured according to FIPS 201 guidelines, which are the U.S. federal standard for ID cards, and FIDO2 for phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication. It supports both legacy and modern door-access reader technologies to facilitate easy migration from vulnerable older technologies to the latest security protocols. This eliminates the need to replace all access control infrastructure at time of adoption.


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