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Hideez Group Inc. specializes in designing passwordless solutions to provide workers with fast and secure access to personal/shared accounts and workstations. The Hideez Authentication Service™ offers passwordless tools tailored to different budgets and specific authentication scenarios. This solution is particularly beneficial for addressing security gaps in dynamic environments like hospitals, banks, government agencies, educational institutions, manufacturing sites, etc.

Use cases: Passwordless Single Sign-On, MFA, Endpoint Protection (proximity-based access to Windows workstations), Identity Management, Password-Based Access to Legacy Services, OTP-Based Authentication, Physical Access to Buildings.

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Hideez Authentication Service

Hideez Service is a passwordless IAM solution that streamlines identity management and accelerates employee authentication by eliminating the reliance on passwords and traditional MFA methods such as SMS codes or voice messages.

The solution is built upon the FIDO2/WebAuthn server that provides a passwordless and usernameless single sign-on experience for various websites and apps. Hideez Server integrates with SAML and OIDC service providers (e.g., Citrix, VMWare, FortyGate, SAP, Salesforce, Okta, OneLogin, etc.), facilitating user management and access control for IT administrators. It supports an array of hardware and software authentication tools that can be used either individually or in combination to meet the your needs and security policies.

Hideez’s authentication solution stands out due to its flexibility, allowing clients to choose from a range of passwordless login methods, including:

Physical security keys (Hideez Keys, YubiKeys, or other FIDO-certified keys)

Hideez Authenticator, a mobile app for iOS and Android

Passkeys, cryptographic credentials integrated with user devices (Face ID, Touch ID, Windows Hello, etc.).

Key Benefits:

• Completely passwordless user experience that does not rely on shared secrets;

• Bridging the gap between passwordless and password-based authentication which is still often required by legacy systems;

• A customizable mix of authentication tools (hardware keys / Passkeys / mobile app), compatible with various devices and operating systems;

• Hybrid physical and digital access: employees can access their accounts and workstations using either Hideez Keys or the Hideez Authenticator app.

• Convenient user management console giving IT administrators visibility over workstations, users, and their authentication methods;

• Strong protection against scalable phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks

• Compatibility with popular enterprise infrastructure solutions. A perfect supplement for existing MFA, SSO, Enterprise Mobility Management, Cloud Solutions, IAM, or PAM, etc.


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