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At FEITIAN, we are dedicated to pioneering cutting-edge authentication solutions that prioritize security, simplicity, and user experience. As a proud member of the FIDO Alliance, we stand at the forefront of the passwordless revolution.

Established in 1998, FEITIAN has evolved into a global leader in authentication and security technology. We deliver a comprehensive suite of FIDO-certified hardware solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses, governments, and individuals worldwide.

Ready to embrace the future of authentication? Explore our range of FIDO-certified products and solutions, and take the first step towards a passwordless future with FEITIAN. For more information, visit


Safeguard your enterprise data and pave the path to a passwordless future with FIDO Security Keys from FEITIAN 

• Hardware-based authentication solution that fortifies defenses against account takeovers and ensures compliance.

• Support for multiple protocols including Smart Card authentication and WebAuthn/FIDO2.

Expanded Authentication Options 

• Replace weak passwords with a passwordless login for enhanced security.

• Add a tap-and-go second factor to strengthen authentication alongside passwords.

Streamlined Authentication at Scale 

• FIDO U2F, WebAuthn/FIDO2, PIV Smart Card, and OpenPGP smart card protocols.

• Works across major operating systems and browsers.

• Choose from USB, NFC, or Lightning connector options.

Enhanced Security, Reduced Costs 

• Hardware-based authentication ensures protection against malware and hackers, reducing the risk of account takeovers.

• By reducing password resets and support calls, organizations can achieve significant cost savings and operational efficiencies.

User-Friendly and Deployable 

• Requires no installation and offers fast, reliable authentication without the need for batteries or connectivity.

• IT teams can deploy quickly and seamlessly across multiple systems, eliminating the need for complex integrations.

As a contributor to authentication standards adopted by the FIDO Alliance, FEITIAN is committed to driving innovation and delivering best-in-class authentication solutions.


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