According to the Bitwarden survey, roughly half of respondents deploy or have plans to deploy password-less technology. Of that percentage, 66% have one-to-two user groups or multiple teams using password-less technology, and 13% have deployed to their entire organisation. Of those that have made the switch, 51% are or would consider implementing ‘something you are’ password-less authentication. Half (47%) say they are very familiar with the FIDO2 password-less authentication standard and consider it important to their company’s password-less experience.


Tech Radar: Bitwarden now supports passkeys on iOS devices

Popular free password manager Bitwarden now supports passkeys on iOS devices. The news follows the…

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GB News: Elon Musk just killed passwords on X, here’s what you need to use a passkey to login

Passkeys were developed by the FIDO Alliance, an industry body with the stated aim of…

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Dark Reading: Selecting the Right Authentication Protocol for Your Business

Authentication protocols like passkeys serve as the backbone of online security, enabling users to confirm…

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