The ability to transact across all channels has opened opportunities and threats, expanding retail and hospitality playing fields and creating a broader attack surface for fraudsters. Now more than ever it is important to understand how to properly protect your company. While at Authenticate, Andrew Shikiar explains the FIDO journey and its 2022 achievements including passkey, stating that he believes, “we have an opportunity with authentication to be a bridge of the digital divide and not another wedge.”


What is a passkey? Why Apple is betting on password-free tech

The digital realm has long struggled with the vulnerabilities inherent in password-based authentication systems. With…

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The Register: AWS is pushing ahead with MFA for privileged accounts. What that means for you.

AWS is making multi-factor authentication (MFA) mandatory for privileged users, specifically management account root users…

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IT Brew: FIDO Alliance announces identity-proofing certification

FIDO’s Face Verification Certification tests for security, liveness, and bias in remote identity verification technology…

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