LoginID FIDO Server

Product Category:Server
Product Company:LoginID
Product Region(s):AMERICAS, ASIA-PACIFIC, EMEA, Europe_Middle_East
Product Specification:FIDO2

Support FIDO-based passwordless authentication in your website or application by using LoginID headless solution that will handle cryptographic keys, signatures, attestation and more. You will be able to focus your efforts on your front end experience by using LoginID’s DirectWeb SDK, or customized backend to backend integrations. LoginID supports multiple methods, and all the latest platform authenticators.


LoginID is a comprehensive FIDO-based multifactor authentication solution that offers frictionless authentication. It solves the online authentication problem by removing insecurity around using traditional passwords and login methods and adding unparalleled ease of use. LoginID’s FIDO2-certified one-touch biometric authentication solution gives businesses a secure authentication tool that can be easily and quickly integrated through an API or SDK onto any website or mobile application. The solution gives the end user peace of mind, by providing them a user-friendly, secure way to login to, and transact with, any LoginID-integrated platform. The solution helps companies reduce internal fraud, and increase their customer conversion rates. Created with developers and enterprises in mind, LoginID is a simple, cost-effective, and FIDO-certified solution that adheres to PSD2 principles. With low operating costs and rapid integration, LoginID supports efficient scaling of businesses by supporting their growth.

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