Product Category:Server
Product Company:International Systems Research Co.
Product Region(s):ASIA-PACIFIC
Product Specification:U2F

CloudGate UNO is Single Sign On Service for public cloud service such as G Suite, Office 365 and more.  CloudGate UNO protects customer’s information asset by access restriction rules on CloudGate UNO. CloudGate UNO provides a practical and affordable solution to these challenges with strong multi-factor authentication options. These include support for FIDO U2F protocols for physical hardware tokens like the Yubico Yubikey.


International Systems Research Co. (ISR), established in 1993 in Tokyo, is a certified Google Enterprise Partner (GEP). Its vision, One Safe Login, means that ISR is making the Internet’s cloud based information sharing platforms safe for anyone, anyplace, anytime. With ample experience developing security and business related web applications since the early era of the Internet, ISR is committed to its mission – provide the world’s best cloud security solution, CloudGate.

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