Aware FIDO® Server

Product Category:Server
Product Company:Aware, Inc.
Product Specification:UAF

Aware FIDO® Server enables a relying party server to offer FIDO-based login from their mobile applications. FIDO® Server encapsulates the FIDO features required at the server, such as maintenance of the FIDO login policies, management of the public keys, and verification of the signatures created on the mobile device. It exposes REST-style web services that can be consumed by a relying party server to enable FIDO functionality.The messages consumed or generated by the FIDO Server are also governed by the FIDO UAF Protocol Specification. A relying party server and mobile applications act as carriers of the UAF protocol messages.


Aware is a veteran of the biometrics industry, providing a comprehensive portfolio of biometrics software products since 1993 for fingerprint, face, and iris recognition applications ranging from defense and border management to mobile authentication. We specialize in providing for top-tier biometric analysis, processing, and matching algorithms, provided in products that are easy to use with world-class technical support. Our FIDO Client, FIDO Server, and FIDO Face Authenticator products are FIDO® Certified. Our mobile face authenticator performs robust spoof detection and high-performance matching for easy, reliable, secure authentication.

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