In a recent identity and authentication conference, Andrew Shikiar, Executive Director of the FIDO Alliance, declared 2023 as the “year of the passkey,” citing 8 billion user accounts with passkey access. Shikiar also emphasized the importance of passkeys in enhancing security, streamlining customer experiences, and gradually eliminating the reliance on traditional passwords, while acknowledging ongoing challenges and gaps in support across different industries and platforms.


InfoSecurity Magazine: #Infosec2024: CISOs Need to Move Beyond Passwords to Keep Up With Security Threats

Passwordless systems, even if they stop short of a full zero-trust environment, improve convenience as…

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SC Media: Identiverse 2024: Deepfakes, passkeys and more

Two predominant themes stood out at last week’s Identiverse 2024 conference in Las Vegas. First,…

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CXMToday: Visa Unveils Card Updates

Built on the latest Fast Identity Online (FIDO) standards, the Visa Payment Passkey Service confirms a…

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