Support for FIDO in browsers and operating systems is widespread and growing fast. Enterprises now have better tools to replace easily compromised passwords with simpler, stronger FIDO Authentication and eliminate phishing, man-in-the-middle and other security attacks. But, if you want to deploy FIDO in your enterprise, what are the first steps? Do you need to explain “why FIDO?” to your CISO? What do the timelines look like? Should you build your own server or work with a vendor? What FIDO authenticators should you accept? How do you manage  them? 

The FIDO Alliance Enterprise Deployment Working Group (EDWG) will answer these questions, and more, in its new white paper series. The series aims to educate corporate management and IT security on the improvements available for authentication today and how to leverage them within their own organizations. This work is dedicated to eliminating passwords and securing the simple act of logging into company systems and applications. 

First up in the series is the primer “CXO Explanation: Why Use FIDO for Passwordless Employee Logins?” This document is the guide for you and/or the executive leaders in your organization as to why you should invest in FIDO2 deployment for your employees.

It addresses all of the common questions from CXOs on the value proposition of FIDO Authentication and how the FIDO2 passwordless framework addresses the authentication needs and challenges of companies for the modern workforce. Read it now at and pass it along to colleagues.

Subsequent entries in this educational series will focus on server deployment, authenticator choices, authenticator life-cycle management, and credential acceptance in the enterprise. This series is part of the Alliance’s strategy to provide expert deployment guidance to our community in order to support the rapidly growing number of FIDO implementations across a variety of use cases. Please watch this space as we publish more in this Enterprise Series over the coming months. 


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