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Transmit Security is a recognized leader in Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM), offering modern, innovative solutions essential for businesses to construct secure and trusted end-to-end digital identity journeys. Transmit Security was born out of a vision to revolutionize the identity landscape, specifically by merging cybersecurity and identity solutions to solve the modern challenges of traditional security systems.

Transmit Security serves the world’s largest enterprises, including banks, insurers and retailers. These organizations, collectively responsible for over $1.3 trillion in annual commerce, rely on Transmit Security to deliver advanced multi-device, omnichannel identity security solutions that improve user experience, increase security, and meet compliance mandates more efficiently and cost-effectively than traditional methods. Known for introducing the concept of Identity Orchestration™ to the market and creating the industry’s first app-less biometric authenticator, Transmit Security is an essential resource for enterprises seeking growth and innovation in today’s cybersecurity-conscious, customer-centric business environment.


Transmit Security Platform

The Transmit Security Platform offers an end-to-end, security-first solution for the entire customer identity lifecycle, utilizing cloud-native CIAM services to tackle the challenges of fragmented identity, fraud and cybersecurity systems. This comprehensive platform enhances customer experience by optimizing every identity-related interaction. Key services include Detection and Response, Identity Verification, Data Validation, Authentication, Identity Management, and Machine Identity Management, all integrated through developer-friendly APIs and SDKs. This flexible and scalable platform provides a coordinated defense against evolving identity threats, enhancing security and user experience, and thereby bolstering customer loyalty. Transmit Security Platform Information


Identity Orchestration™

Transmit Security, the inventor of the concept of Identity Orchestration™ in 2014, offers a leading, no-code solution for seamless customer identity experiences, widely adopted by top global enterprises. Identity Orchestration™ simplifies the integration with various identity systems, streamlining complex identity projects and ensuring reliability at scale. Users can easily create authentication, fraud detection, and identity proofing workflows using a centralized platform with intuitive APIs and SDKs for quick deployment. Transmit Security’s innovative solution boosts security and user experience, offering complete identity management across all applications and channels. Identity Orchestration Information


Detection and Response

Transmit Security Detection and Response Services provide robust protection for customer accounts by utilizing dynamic fraud prevention that analyzes hundreds of signals in real-time, significantly reducing false positives and negatives. Its multi-method detection approach offers a comprehensive, real-time view of customer behavior, enhanced by global threat intelligence. This service combines detection tools into one system for easy decision-making and analytics, using machine learning for quick, context-aware decisions. This dynamic system evolves with AI to tackle new threats, enhancing trust and reducing customer friction, showcasing their dedication to both efficiency and security. Detection and Response Information


Authentication Services

Transmit Security Authentication Services provide a flexible, secure range of passwordless authentication options, including biometrics, passkeys, and SMS OTPs, to combat the security risks and customer experience issues associated with traditional passwords. This service provides passwordless Multi-Factor Authentication using public key cryptography, meeting strict mandates like PSD2’s MFA requirements and enhancing security. It offers biometric credential synchronization across devices for a secure experience and unifies all authentication methods into one easy-to-implement solution with flexible APIs and SDKs. This adaptability improves security, customer satisfaction, reduces support costs, and boosts engagement. Authentication Services Information


Identity Verification

Transmit Security’s Identity Verification service efficiently authenticates customer identities through advanced AI-powered automation, deep document inspection, and biometric matching. It rapidly screens against AML and PEP watch lists, facilitating compliance with KYC regulations and simplifying the user journey for higher enrollment rates. This service includes features like real-time risk response and age verification, easily integrating through APIs and SDKs for comprehensive security and fraud prevention in customer onboarding, account recovery, and defense against account takeovers. Identity Verification Information


Data Validation

Transmit Security’s Data Validation service streamlines customer identity validation by automating background checks and integrating with a variety of data sources, ensuring rapid, accurate results. This service streamlines account registration, meets global compliance standards, and prevents fraud. It features an easy-to-use interface for setting rules without coding, and a single API for validating various data types, ensuring worldwide coverage. This flexible solution speeds up market entry and boosts security, offering quick decision-making and easy integration with existing systems. Data Validation Information


Identity Management

Transmit Security Identity Management Services offer a scalable, cloud-native solution for managing a billion customer identities, enhancing visibility and control across all applications and sessions. The unified platform transitions from legacy systems to an elastic identity provider, enabling rapid, context-aware queries and a consolidated view of customer profiles and activities. This service streamlines sign-ups and identity management with smart access controls and profiling, while adaptive session management ensures robust security. It also provides a comprehensive view of customer interactions for enhanced risk detection and experience, all through a user-friendly admin portal with seamless API integration. . Identity Management Information



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