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PONE Biometrics is a research and development driven cyber security company solving enterprises risks of hacker attacks with user friendly solutions.​

Our core focus is to make passwords obsolete and authentication 100% secure with the OFFPAD, an access card sized, biometric device for logical access. The OFFPAD is a hardware-based authentication device leveraging fingerprint biometrics to optimize the balance between security and convenience.

Pone Biometrics was founded in 2017 to commercialize a Norwegian patented and innovative personal endpoint security product, invented at the University of Oslo’s cyber department, in collaboration with ENSICAEN – École Nationale Supérieure d’Ingénieurs de Caen – and a cryptology team from Rennes in a Eurostar project. We published more than 12 scientific articles and 2 US patents were granted protecting its unique architecture.

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Password is the single most used attack vector for hackers with a cyber attack every 10s and 80% of these attacks originated on end-point devices. Having a passwordless solution is key for companies.


The OFFPAD device offers the gold standard of authentication with FIDO2. FIDO2 is a global and standardized authentication process supported by major industry players such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Samsung to mention only a few of them.

FIDO2 replaces password-based authentication and traditional Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with public key cryptography. FIDO2 enables users to leverage common devices to easily authenticate to online services in both mobile and desktop environments.

PONE Biometrics takes your privacy seriously. Your biometrics are encrypted and stored securely on the OFFPAD device. Your biometrics are never shared outside the device. As a user, you own your biometrics. Instead of having a single database including all user biometrics which is extremely insecure, PONE Biometrics decentralized biometrics in the OFFPAD device. The risk of having compromised biometrics is drastically reduced.

Similarly, security keys are stored in the OFFPAD device. Also called hardware bound passkeys, security keys never leave the OFFPAD device and cannot be copied or shared.

At PONE Biometrics, we want the user to not think about his security but to have full confidence in the OFFPAD device. As a result, the OFFPAD embeds a long-lifetime battery. Your device is always ready to be used and can be quickly recharged with a simple wireless charger.


To maximize the customer experience, PONE Biometrics developed à Device Manager application available for Windows users. This application provides additional features such as adding more fingerprints and the ability to rename or delete them if needed. It also allows users to access stored credentials and to rename or delete them accordingly. This Windows application is not mandatory to have the OFFPAD device running on your Windows environment.

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