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Kelvin Zero creates next-gen authentication solutions to help ensure trust in the digital world. With Multi-PassTM, organizations eliminate or augment passwords with advanced cryptography and biometrics, providing their workforce and customers with secure and seamless access to their resources and services. Kelvin Zero’s technology balances robust security with ease of use, allowing users streamlined access to everything from workstations to cloud services.


Multi-Pass Pro

Multi-PassTM Pro is a next-gen passwordless authentication solution that combines offline private keys, privacy-centric fingerprint biometrics, and contactless NFC technology to deliver secure and frictionless authentication. It marries top-tier security with ease of use and interoperability.

Beyond enhancing an organization’s security posture, it revolutionizes the authentication journey, ensuring both the workforce and customers enjoy a seamless and delightful experience. By choosing Multi-Pass Pro, businesses not only diminish potential attack surfaces and meet rigorous regulatory mandates but also amplify productivity and elevate customer experience.

The same robust technology that is entrusted with the safeguarding of global financial transactions now powers Multi-Pass. Harnessing an offline-first design ensures that the cryptographic keys vital for authentication are generated and securely housed in an offline, tamper-proof secure element. This thwarts attackers from remotely accessing the device and effectively eliminates traditional connected device attack vectors.


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