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The open source user authentication system for the passkey era.



Hanko is an open source user authentication system (think Auth0 or Keycloak) made for the passkey era. With a FIDO2 server at its core, Hanko offers passkeys as the default user authentication method and carefully adds required fallback mechanisms like email passcodes for situations where passkeys cannot be used.

For ease of integration, Hanko offers ready-made web components that can be integrated into any web app with just a few lines of code. CSS customization allows Hanko’s frontend elements to fully blend in whith the surrounding website and adapt to any brand. Current supported components are a login box for user auth and onboarding, as well as a profile element for user self-service account and passkey management.

Hanko can also be used for building mobile app authentication with passkeys.

The Hanko project is open source and actively developed by a growing community on GitHub.

Hanko Cloud

Hanko Cloud offers hosted Hanko instances and a Console UI for user management, analytics, and configuration.

Each Hanko API is created and operated in a unique private namespace with its own isolated databases. Set up your account on and get free instant access to your production-ready passkey authentication stack.



The Hanko project on GitHub.

Hanko on GitHub
Hanko Cloud

A hosted Hanko backend with passkey support.

Hanko Cloud
Hanko Developer Documentation

Integration guides for different frontend frameworks.

Hanko Developer Documentation

A demo page for passkeys, built with Hanko.

Contact Information

Felix Magedanz, Founder