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Entersekt ensures that digital financial transactions are frictionless and secure. The company provides a single cross-channel platform for financial services institutions to meet authentication requirements and optimize user experiences. With a range of options available for deployment and configuration, Entersekt’s solutions are fully customizable across all channels and devices. A strong track record of over ten years’ working with leading financial services institutions across the US, Europe and Africa, combined with multiple patented security innovations, has established Entersekt as global industry leader in authentication. Backed by companies like Silicon Valley-based Accel-KKR, one of the world’s top private equity firms, Entersekt continues to expand its footprint across key regions. For more information, visit


Entersekt’s customer authentication solution has been expanded with FIDO2 in mind. 

Now, banks can offer their customers even more choice during step-up authentication – without the need for a mobile app. 

By combining Entersekt’s patented authentication technology with the use of either roaming or platform authenticators, the solution delivers more than mere user presence attestation, but a valuable set of features built on exceptional security:

* Our technology platform enables banks to identify and communicate with their users in a secure environment. FIDO2 brings more choice to the table, giving users the freedom to transact digitally from wherever they are and however they prefer.

* During step-up authentication, users can be presented with a choice of actions to take: ‘Accept’, ‘Reject’, and ‘Call operator’, for example.

* The integration of behavioral biometrics promises even more value – a truly frictionless authentication experience, without compromising on security.


Customer authentication with FIDO2

Find out more about FIDO2 and the benefits of Entersekt’s frictionless customer authentication solution by downloading our FIDO fact sheet below.

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