Passkeys are not an Apple invention: The new standard, also called WebAuthn, is backed by the so-called FIDO Alliance and the W3C. However, it is supported by the three platforms Android, Windows and iOS/macOS, and Apple, Google and Microsoft are working together on this. Passkeys are intended to completely replace passwords and enable simple and secure login to websites and applications.


AWS Expands MFA Requirements, Boosting Security and Usability with Passkeys

AWS has announced the introduction of FIDO passkeys for multi-factor authentication (MFA) to further secure…

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ID Talk Podcast: Passkeys, Standards, and Selfie Certification with FIDO’s Andrew Shikiar

The FIDO Alliance, founded in 2012, stands as a pivotal organization in the identity technology…

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InfoSecurity Magazine: #Infosec2024: CISOs Need to Move Beyond Passwords to Keep Up With Security Threats

Passwordless systems, even if they stop short of a full zero-trust environment, improve convenience as…

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