Joon Hyuk Lee, APAC Market Development Director, FIDO Alliance

Editor’s note: For the background information on the 2020 Hackathon in Korea, see the April blog post: “2020 FIDO Hackathon: Goodbye Password Challenge in Korea.”  To learn more about examples of proposed development ideas, please read the June blog post: “2020 FIDO Hackathon in Korea: Learn & Implement Phase.”

In the afternoon of July 1st, 2020, a Mid-Term Meetup Event for FIDO Hackathon – Goodbye Password Challenge was held at Telecommunication Technology Association (TTA). Originally, the Hackathon Steering Committee had planned a full-day onsite final implementation and evaluation day, followed by a month and a half online training phase.  Due to the global pandemic, we had to change our schedules in accordance with school calendar disruptions and summer holidays. We decided to have a half-day mid-term meetup event for participants. This allowed us to help the teams to stay on course while providing a safe environment for people to learn from each other face-to-face.

Nineteen different teams participated in the event, half of them face-to-face with strict public health guidance applied, and the other half virtually. The meeting gave opportunities for teams to share their FIDO protocol-based online service development ideas and current development status, learn from each other and receive valuable feedback from FIDO Alliance Korea Working Group members.

In addition to sharing their projects’ current development status, the teams had the opportunity to present the “homework” they have completed after online training.  The homework was writing a simple article on the web, with answers to the following questions:

  • What is FIDO Alliance?
  • What are the FIDO protocols?
  • What are the benefits of implementing FIDO protocols?
  • (Option) What services/products are you developing for the 2020 FIDO Hackathon and what would be the value of adopting FIDO protocols for online authentication?

We were very pleased with the articles we received. You can read examples (mostly in Korean) by visiting these following links:

We hope this short blog gives you a better understanding of the current status of the 2020 FIDO Hackathon in Korea.  We will be back soon with more updates after the final evaluation — scheduled for this week. 


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