The EU Digital Identity (EUDI) Wallet, which is a core component of the emerging eIDAS2 regulation, is an area where the FIDO Alliance can provide support through its standards and credentials on authentication. The FIDO Alliance European Working Group and its EUDI Wallet subgroup have been actively supporting the EUDI Wallet initiative since 2021. This FIDO Alliance webinar will describe the FIDO EUDI Wallet subgroup and the potential technical solutions where FIDO may be used as an authentication standard for the EUDI Wallet.

The presentation covered the following FIDO use cases for the EUDI Wallet:

  • Enrollment of Person Identification Data to the EUDI Wallet with FIDO based eIDs
  • Issuance of (Qualified) Electronic Attested Attributes with FIDO based eIDs
  • The ISO 18013-5 mobile driving license
  • PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication
  • Access to remote QSCDs via the Cloud Signature Consortium API
  • Access to cloud wallets, such as the Findy Agency web wallet

Presenters included:

Rayissa Armata, senior head of regulatory affairs, IDnow
Sebastian Elfors, senior architect, IDnow
Megan Shamas, senior director of marketing, FIDO Alliance


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