Our online lives are protected, first and foremost, by passwords. They are a part of our everyday lives and protect our sensitive information in the digital world. However, they aren’t a flawless system of protection, and our lives would certainly be easier without the need for them. Many reuse passwords across accounts or set up very weak ones, easily guessed ones, and the truth is we are under a constant threat of cyberattacks by increasingly savvier hackers. Current basics of online security must ensure there is a high standard of education and password hygiene. From there, there are tools to help reinforce the education, such as password managers, and Single Sign-On (SSO) or Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) options. For a passwordless world, however, there needs to be more. Fast Identity Online (FIDO) technologies support authentication mechanisms, such as biometric face and fingerprint ID and the addition of hardware security keys.


Tech Radar: Navigating towards a passwordless future

Traditionally, passwords have served as the primary means of securing digital identities, yet their limitations are becoming…

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Security Informed: trinamiX Unveils Secure Face Authentication In Foldable Phones

This touchless solution offers enhanced security and convenience, meeting the biometric security requirements set by…

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The Fintech Times: Visa Reveals Digital Products to be Launched Over the Year Catering to Evolving Consumer Demands

Built on the latest Fast Identity Online (FIDO) standards, the Visa Payment Passkey Service confirms a consumer’s…

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