Product Category:Android Client, Biometric Authenticator, Client, Client/Authenticator Combo, iOS Client, SDK, Server
Product Company:Daon
Product Specification:UAF

IdentityX® is a universal mobile biometric authentication platform that verifies a person is who they claim to be using biometrics such as their face, voice, and fingerprint. IdentityX deploys biometrics with a combination of device binding, geolocation, liveness detection, and more to facilitate a seamless authentication experience that is inherently multi-factor. With an eye toward the future, IdentityX allows for easy integration of new technology and biometric modalities as they become available. Integrate IdentityX once and it becomes your shopping cart for innovation, allowing our customers to innovate while they authenticate.

IdentityX focuses on the range of customer journeys as they interact with your business, delivering a superior digital experience without compromising either the customer perception of security or the underlying risk exposure for the enterprise.  Not all transactions are equally prone to fraud and losses.

IdentityX allows companies to reimagine security from the customer’s perspective and provide that tailored experience for every customer on any transaction.


Daon,, is an innovator in developing and deploying biometric authentication and identity assurance solutions worldwide. Daon has pioneered methods for securely and conveniently combining biometric and identity capabilities in multiple channels with large-scale deployments that span payments verification, digital banking, and securing borders and critical infrastructure.  Daon’s solutions provide our customers with choice, making it easier and safer for people to conduct business online, travel, vote, and so much more. Daon’s IdentityX® Platform for mobile biometric authentication removes friction from the authentication process while dramatically reducing fraud to previously unattainable levels. IdentityX allows businesses to conduct transactions with any consumer at any time with total confidence.

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