Two predominant themes stood out at last week’s Identiverse 2024 conference in Las Vegas. First, there was the issue of how to defend against rapidly evolving advances in deepfakes, especially for live remote verification. Second, there was a common assumption that widespread adoption of passkeys is right around the corner, and that organizations must prepare to manage and secure passkeys when they become mainstream.

FIDO Alliance Executive Director & CEO Andrew Shikiar touched on both topics in a session Wednesday (May 29) titled “FIDO, Passkeys and the State of Passwordless.”

He announced the alliance’s new certification standard for facial-recognition technologies. The first (and so far only) organization to receive that certification is iProov. In a keynote address Thursday (May 30), Shikiar added that the FIDO Alliance was ready to offer independent testing of facial-recognition technologies.

As for passkeys, the passwordless, FIDO-certified PKI-based WebAuthn credentials that reside on hardware keys, smartphones, PCs and in the cloud, Shikiar said the question was not if consumers would adopt them, but when.

The FIDO Alliance’s goal is “to make passkeys inevitable,” Shikiar said. No one at Identiverse expressed any doubt that they would be.


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