FIDO at RSA Conference 2020

Thank you for taking time to stop by the FIDO Alliance booth at RSA Conference.

We hope your visit to the booth left you with a better understanding of how the FIDO Alliance and its open authentication standards are changing the nature of authentication… we are truly on the cusp of a passwordless future!

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  • An exclusive 10% discount to attend Authenticate2020, the first FIDO conference, this June in Seattle!

What is FIDO?

Open and scalable standards that enable simpler and more secure user authentication experiences across many websites and mobile services.

CNBC: Here’s why Google, Apple and Microsoft think it’s time to kill the password

Language for Post Show Report

Language for Post Show Report

FIDO Alliance reported strong progress in its mission to make secure and convenient logins available to web service providers and users across the globe. Leading platforms and web browsers have added support for FIDO Authentication out-of-the-box. This support allows websites to enable FIDO-based logins via a simple API call on billions of devices consumers use every day.

Highlights of this progress noted at RSAC includes:

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FIDO Solutions for the Enterprise

FIDO Solutions for the Enterprise

Enterprises continue to evolve service delivery and business processes to online, cloud and mobile services, but
are constantly trading off fast and easy access with robust authentication security.

Security based on FIDO Specifications turns that around and makes online security a simpler and better user experience while providing stronger security and reducing risks for the enterprise.

Knowledge Base: Empowering Your Deployment

Knowledge Base: Empowering Your Deployment