Passkeys are intended to be more secure and easier to use than passwords. Instead of typing in a password (or letting a password manager do it) and verifying with a multi-factor authentication method, passkeys only require a trusted device and either biometric or PIN verification. Part of why passkeys seem likely to replace passwords is that they’re designed by a consortium called the FIDO Alliance and championed by Apple, Google, and Microsoft. These three companies have already baked support for passkeys into their browsers and ecosystems, which means that for the first time, there’s a viable alternative to passwords. That said, passkeys have yet to see widespread adoption.


Tech Radar: Bitwarden now supports passkeys on iOS devices

Popular free password manager Bitwarden now supports passkeys on iOS devices. The news follows the…

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GB News: Elon Musk just killed passwords on X, here’s what you need to use a passkey to login

Passkeys were developed by the FIDO Alliance, an industry body with the stated aim of…

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