In order to apply for an application of a solution, the vendor first needs to complete a [NDA] and notify the [Document Authenticity (DocAuth) Secretariat at] of intent to complete testing and certify.

DocAuth Testing

In this step of the overall process the vendor submits the mobile document verification solution to a FIDO Accredited Document Authenticity (DocAuth) Laboratory along with its required documentation and enters into an agreement for testing.  A time estimate is provided by the accredited laboratory; vendor and laboratory agree on the cost involved for testing.

The FIDO Accredited Laboratory is responsible for testing against the performance criteria requirements and testing procedures. 

A list of FIDO Accredited Document Authenticity (DocAuth) Laboratories follows: 

Age Check Certification Scheme (ACCS) | United Kingdom, Europe
Company Telephone: +0345 257 0018
Primary Program Contact: Kevin Darby | Email: 

Accredited Programs: 

  • FIDO Document Authenticity (DocAuth) Program

Laboratory Certificate: LA01000020211201001
Certificate Issue Date: 1 December 2021

iBeta, LLC | United States, North America
Company Telephone: +1 303-627-1110 Ext. 114
Primary Program Contact: Evan Call | Email: 

Accredited Programs: 

  • FIDO Document Authenticity (DocAuth) Program
  • FIDO Biometric Component Program

Laboratory Certificate: LA01000020180718001
Certificate Issue Date: 18 July 2018

Laboratory Report

The accredited laboratory performs testing and returns a laboratory report to the vendor and to FIDO’s Document Authenticity (DocAuth) Secretariat. The DocAuth Secretariat reviews the laboratory report and makes a decision to approve, reject, or ask for clarification.  

Certification Request

[content to come] 

Certification Issuance

[content to come]

Download Authn Specs
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