Fees are assessed per certified implementation and must be paid before the issuance of FIDO® Certified Certificate documentation.

FDO Certification FeesFIDO MemberNon-Member
Device Onboarding Service, Device, Rendezvous Server Functional Certification Fee$9,000 USD$15,000 USD
Device Onboarding Service/Device Security Level 1 (L1) Certification Fee*Included*Included
Rendezvous Server Derivative Certification Fee$4,000 USD$6,500 USD
Device Onboarding Service/Device Derivative Certification Fee$5,000 USD$7,500 USD
Device Onboarding Service/Device Delta Certification Fee$5,000 USD$7,500 USD

*Device Onboarding Services and Devices completing FDO Certification are required to pay the functional certification fee, there is no additional fee for L1 security certification.