Usernames and passwords have been the most common authentication method for digitally accessing an account. However, passwords are vulnerable to compromise through a variety of attack vectors. “Passwords are fundamentally flawed, because they can be hacked, forgotten, and stolen,” says Andrew Shikiar, executive director and chief marketing officer for the FIDO Alliance. “It’s also tough to enter passwords on keyboardless devices. Plus, more than 80% of data breaches can be tracked back to passwords.”


CXMToday: Visa Unveils Card Updates

Built on the latest Fast Identity Online (FIDO) standards, the Visa Payment Passkey Service confirms a…

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Identity Week: State of Michigan’s MiLogin supported by FIDO passkeys

The system leverages passkeys based on FIDO authentication promoting strong authentication, unifying Michigan’s approach to…

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Mobile ID World: Passkeys Come to Payments via New Visa Service

Visa introduces passkeys for payments, allowing customers to authorize online purchases with a smartphone or…

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