PNC Bank

PNC Bank is the fifth largest U.S. commercial banking organization, providing an array of products and services to both business and retail customers. PNC has over 9 million consumers and business customers with a growing footprint across the U.S.

The Challenge/ Use Case

As a financial service firm, security is a core focus for PNC, and there was a need to provide a higher degree of strong authentication. The key challenge was to make it easier to reduce fraud risk and improve security for customer facing interactions with PNC.

Adding into the use case is a need to factor in identity assurance levels and make it easy from an authentication point of view for PNC customers. Sridhar Kotamraju, SVP, Head of Digital Identity & Fraud at PNC, said a key goal for him was to make authentication a frictionless experience under as many situations as possible.

How PNC Uses FIDO To Secure Its Users

By using FIDO standards, PNC is also able to manage the authentication experience in such a way that it doesn’t store any user  biometrics. Overall for PNC, the usage of FIDO standards helps to enable a higher device assurance level  for the mechanism by which users interact with the bank. 

At PNC, FIDO is part of a security strategy that is not just about understanding the identity of the user, but also the context of the device they are using.

“The intersection of fraud and identity has been something that’s a core of one of our strategies at PNC,” Kotamraju said.


Improving the user experience for authentication is one of the primary reasons why PNC Bank has embarked on the journey to embrace FIDO standards and a password-less future.

“The key attribute here is when fraud has occurred, we want to make it easy for customers to be able to get back to their accounts in a FIDO way, so that we don’t ask them more questions than obviously we need to,” said Kotamraju.

Video: Authenticate 2020: Why PNC puts FIDO at the Center of its Audacious New Digital Transformation

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