The end of forgotten or stolen passwords? Apple is launching “passkeys” today, a new identification system that should make the use of cryptic passwords to guarantee the security of one’s accounts a thing of the past. In practice, logging in anywhere will be as easy as unlocking your screen: every site that offers to use passkeys will ask the user if they want to use them to authenticate. It will then be necessary to use the usual method of unlocking the phone (PIN code, pattern, fingerprint or facial recognition) to validate the connection, explains the Fast Identity Online Alliance (FIDO Alliance), which is behind this process.


Biometric Update: Authenticate 2024

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Biometric Update: Passkeys continue march to mainstream with Visa, WhatsApp updates

FIDO2 protocol finding wide adoption but analysts may have found MITM vulnerability. Visa has unveiled…

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The Register: Microsoft, Google do a victory lap around passkeys

Passkeys are based on a FIDO alliance standard that’s supported by Apple, Microsoft and Google. Think of…

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