October 14, 2022

All About Security: FIDO Alliance introduces new certification program

The FIDO Alliance has expanded its range of certification programs: With the new Document Authenticity (DocAuth) Certification Program, it is targeting the increasing need for powerful solutions for secure and easy-to-use online identity verification. Providers can use the standardized test procedure to check whether their document verification solutions are able to identify the authenticity of identity documents and their correspondence with the user. The certification also validates that the solutions are fit for commercial use and meet the performance criteria set out in the FIDO Alliance’s DocAuth requirements catalogue. In addition, service providers can use the program as a benchmark for evaluating solution providers. In this way you can ensure that the solutions meet globally established standards and prevent malicious actors from creating accounts with forged or stolen documents. Several providers have already started the certification process; the first FIDO DocAuth certified products are expected to be available in early 2023.

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