SYNOCHIP SecureFP FIDO® Authenticator

Product Category:Biometric Authenticator
Product Company:Hangzhou Synochip Data Security Technology Co.,Ltd
Product Region(s):ASIA-PACIFIC
Product Specification:UAF

SYNOCHIP SecureFP FIDO® Authenticator has the following core benefits and capabilities:

  1. FIDO Certified 3rd party application fingerprint logging – SYNOCHIP SecureFP Authenticator helps users to log in 3rd party applications with fingerprint identification, such as game sites, on-line shopping platforms;
  2. Support Windows and Android devices. A higher level and more comprehensive protection – FIDO protocol frameand WBF secured logging, EAL4+ secured fingerprint data and identification;
  3. Windows fingerprint logging – Windows Biometric Frame (WBF) integrated,fingerprint data storage and management;
  4. Apply to fingerprint mouse, keyboard, USB and smart controller, etc.


Hangzhou Synochip Data Security Technology Co., Ltd mainly focuses on Integrated Circuit Design and Security System Integration which involves fingerprint recognition, mobile device fingerprint security, wearable security platform, two-dimensional code recognition and encryption/decryption. Synochip-owned independent intellectual property rights covering areas such as algorithm research, IP development, IC design, Realization, Security System Integration, and more.

With the business philosophy “Information Security for Better Life”, Synochip commits itself in products and solutions in Smart Device, IOT Security, Intelligent Recognition and Finance Security. With its rich product lines, Synochip has become globally acknowledged. Synochip, as the only company in China right now that can offer bio-chips, data-encryption, general 32-digit MCU, is currently working aggressively in technology innovation and application to provide more selections for consumers with a more secure and convenient information experience.

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