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Established in 1999 in Vietnam, MK Group has over 21 years of experience in providing Digital Security solutions and Smart Card products.

MK Group has successfully provided and deployed our products and solutions for many customers in the government, finance – banking, enterprise, telecommunication and transportation sector. We always strive to be the leader in technology solutions and services through innovation and commitment to our dear customers.

Our core value is expressed via our own slogan which is: Smart Digital Security

– Smart: smart payment, identification and data exchange

Digital: digitalize identification and transactions

Security: secure data, identification and payment transactions

Our member companies:


Secure authentication solutions
– KeyPass OTP solution
– FIDO KeyPass token S1 (FIDO U2F)
– FIDO KeyPass S3 (FIDO2)
– PKI -solution
– SSL certificates and biometric authentication solutions
– Others: folding, sorting, packaging and mailing secure documents solutions

Smart card products and solutions:
– Secure ID card: National ID cards, Driver Licenses, ePassports, health insurance cards
Bank card issuance solutions  and outsourcing services (Visa, Mastercard, JCB, UPI, VCCS,)
– EMV/VCCS migration solutions
– Card quality control, sorting, packaging and mailing solutions
– E-PIN Delivery solution

Secure payment solutions:
– Government benefit payment/distribution systems
– Prim’X high-grade encryption solutions for data at rest.
– E-wallet solution
– Self-service kiosks (bill payment, micro-savings, etc.)

Smart City solutions:
– All-in-one smart card solutions for Government, Schools, Hospitals
– Citizen identification, Public service fee collection
– Automated Fare Collection solution
– Access control and E-gate/Auto-gate solutions
– Artificial Intelligence (AI) Camera applied for national security and defense operation including: Surveillance camera, dash camera and bodyworn.


MK Group – Trusted partner for Secure Authentication solutions and smart card products.
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