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LastPass is an award-winning password manager which helps users organize and protect their online lives. As a leader in the password management landscape, LastPass enables customers and businesses of all sizes to reduce their reliance on passwords, embrace a passwordless future, and ultimately mitigate risks associated with human behavior. For millions of customers and more than 100,000 businesses, LastPass makes it easy to create, store, manage, and share sensitive data – from passwords to passkeys and beyond.​

LastPass has achieved FIDO2 certification of its servers, making it the first password manager to achieve this certification.


LastPass offers a variety of free and paid subscription plans for both consumers and businesses.

Consumer Plans: LastPass Free, LastPass Premium, LastPass Families

LastPass consumer plans provide you with a password manager that enables you to add organization and security to your digital life quickly and easily through secure password generation, credential storage, sharing, and autofill capabilities across devices* and browsers. Set a master password with account setup, and never need to memorize another password again. Or take things one step forward by enabling passwordless login to your LastPass vault with FIDO2 authenticators, bypassing the need to enter a master password on trusted devices. And soon, you’ll be able to manage passkeys in your vault, like you do passwords.

Become your own cybersecurity expert with additional features such as a personalized security score dashboard and dark web monitoring to stay in control of your digital footprint. Upgrade to LastPass Families for the most cost-effective way to protect 2+ user vaults, with the option to add up to 5 of your friends and family, as well.

*LastPass Free users are limited to access from one device type.

Business Plans: LastPass Teams, LastPass Business

LastPass business plans provide the same password management benefits experienced by consumer customers, with the added benefit of oversight and controls for designated IT admins. Best for home-office or small businesses, LastPass Teams empowers 50 or less employees to generate, secure, access and share credentials with a lean admin console to manage your account. For larger organizations, LastPass Business provides IT admins with robust reporting, policies, integrations and more, so you can enforce the cybersecurity best practices that best suit your organization’s needs.

Explore add-ons like Advanced SSO, which simplifies employee access to an unlimited number of cloud applications, while streamlining provisioning for IT– all in the same application that employees trust to store their passwords. Also available as an add-on, Advanced MFA secures every access point to your business. From cloud and legacy apps to VPN and workstations, LastPass MFA offers passwordless access while maximizing security with customizable security policies and adaptive authentication technology.


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