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Sharing the vision of FIDO Alliance of eliminating passwords as well as privacy by design, Ensurity’s developed a number of solutions around it ThinC-AUTH biometric FIDO2 security key, across a number of use case like RDP authentication, support for legacy Windows OS, Integrating Digital signature and many more. Ensurity’s mission is to eliminate password-based authentication with fingerprints for higher security and and provide convenience of managing the keys through its versatile Assets Management system including user activation, deactivation, audit trails, and host of other features. The company offers complete life cycle of solution around the passwordless authentication.


ThinC-AUTH is a secure USB-based Security Key to address primarily the needs of strong & simple authentication. The Security Key is designed, developed and realized with ‘Privacy & Security’ as core and is built using trusted embedded hardware components to provide simpler, stronger authentication using an open, scalable and interoperable approach.

ThinC-AUTH devices are built with state-of-the-art biometric 360° touch sensor from a leading OEM. Fingerprint minutiae templates obtained from sensor are completely encrypted, securely stored and confined to the device. This biometric touch sensor is exceptionally responsive; ThinC-AUTH uses hardware to match enrolled fingerprint, unlocking device and securely authenticate using FIDO2/U2F. Fingerprints and digital identity remain private on device and protected by advanced encryption.

ThinC-AUTH biometric security keys deliver expanded authentication options:

• Strong Single-factor (complete Passwordless solution): replaces the passwords with passwordless biometric authentication

• Strong Two-factor (Password + Security Key)

• Strong Multi-factor (Password + Security Key + PIN): provides high assurance

• Seamlessly works across major desktop operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS; and mobile operating systems such as iOS & Android (through OTG adapter), as well as leading browsers.

Ensurity offers complete cylce of solution

• Offers ‘Asset Management System’ (AMS) to manage the biometric security keys. Through the AMS, enterprises can manage the inventory of security keys, assign/unassign the keys with AD/AAD users, enrollment of fingerprints etc. The solution generates audit, security and event log reports, which can be integrated with SIEM tools, if any.


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