This document intends to provide a comprehensive understanding of attestation’s role in enhancing and advancing the digital security landscape, specifically with respect to authentication. It focuses on the core function of attestation: verifying the origin and integrity of user devices and their authentication materials. FIDO credentials are discussed with a focus on how they offer more secure alternatives than traditional password-based systems and how FIDO attestation enhances authentication security for both Relying Parties (RPs) and end-users. In this document, RPs are those entities that provide websites, applications and online services that require the need for secure user access by confirming the identity of users or other entities. FIDO Alliance’s historical journey is presented with practical analogies for understanding FIDO attestation, its enterprise-specific technical solutions, and privacy aspects involved in the attestation process.

Targeted for CISOs, security engineers, architects, and identity engineers, this white paper serves as a guide for professionals considering the adoption of FIDO within their enterprise ecosystem. Readers should possess a baseline understanding of FIDO technologies, the meaning of attestation, and have a desire to understand why and how to implement attestation.


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