Nok Nok Authentication Server v. 5.1

Product Category:Server
Product Company:Nok Nok Labs, Inc.
Product Specification:UAF

The Nok Nok Authentication Server enables an organization to support both UAF and U2F FIDO-certified authentication scenarios from a single, unified solution. Leveraging a REST interface, the Nok Nok Authentication Server can process additional session, risk and transaction signals for enhanced security. The Nok Nok Authentication Server can also support multi-tenancy scenarios to allow an organization to maintain logically different and separate users to co-exist on the same server.


Nok Nok Labs is the leading provider of strong, FIDO-based authentication to organizations with internet-scale mobile and web applications requiring improved user engagement and security. Nok Nok Labs’ S3 Suite software allows organizations to use standards-based authentication that rapidly supports new methods of user authentication. Such methods accelerate revenues through improved user engagement while reducing fraud and avoiding costly password resets. The solution enables organizations to demonstrate brand leadership by supporting emerging mobile authenticators while avoiding costly development efforts to support new authentication methods. Nok Nok Labs is a founding member of the FIDO Alliance with customers including NTT DOCOMO, Paypal and Alipay.

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