Aware FIDO® Client

Product Category:SDK
Product Company:Aware, Inc.
Product Specification:UAF

FIDO® Client is the intermediary application that helps to bind FIDO authenticators with the relying party mobile application. A FIDO client can look up all FIDO authenticators on the device, and communicate via JSON messages standardized by the FIDO ASM API.

Similarly, a relying party mobile application can look up a FIDO client and communicate with FIDO Client. The messages between a relying party application and FIDO Client are standardized via FIDO UAF Protocol Specification and FIDO UAF Application API specification.

FIDO Client can create an UAF Protocol payload, embed it as part of a larger message, and transmit it via the Android intent mechanism to the mobile application layer. The application could embed this message as part of its payload to the relying party server, which then communicates with a FIDO server.

FIDO Client serves as the glue that can link any relying party mobile application that requires the FIDO functionality with the different FIDO authenticators on the device, possibly provided by different vendors.


Aware is a veteran of the biometrics industry, providing a comprehensive portfolio of biometrics software products since 1993 for fingerprint, face, and iris recognition applications ranging from defense and border management to mobile authentication. We specialize in providing for top-tier biometric analysis, processing, and matching algorithms, provided in products that are easy to use with world-class technical support. Our FIDO Client, FIDO Server, and FIDO Face Authenticator products are FIDO® Certified. Our mobile face authenticator performs robust spoof detection and high-performance matching for easy, reliable, secure authentication.

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