User Authentication Interop Testing Event (Remote)


Interoperability Testing Event: FIDO2 & FIDO UAF Overview: interoperability testing events are a forum for implementers to gather and validate that their implementations are compatible with each other. Interoperability testing is also a functional requirement for server and authenticator product certifications.  All testing is completed remotely. Given the testing environment, participants that are completing testing […]

Webinar Series: Passkeys & UX

About the Passkeys & UX Webinar Series Jump-start your deployment of passkeys for consumers with research-backed UX guidance. When it comes to providing passkeys to consumers, technical implementation is only one piece of the puzzle. Research led by the FIDO Alliance’s UX Working Group found that if the user experience isn’t sufficient, consumers will be […]

Authenticate Virtual Summit: Passkeys in the Enterprise

Authenticate Virtual Summits are a series of virtual seminars that delve into specific topics related to the FIDO approach to modern user authentication. The summits are free to attend and are marketed to the combined FIDO Alliance and Authenticate communities, which reflect over 20,000 contacts that have demonstrated prior interest in learning more about FIDO technologies. […]

Authenticate 2023

Save the Date! October 16-18, 2023 Authenticate 2023: Carlsbad, CA (just North of San Diego) and Virtual About Authenticate 2023 It’s time to modernize your authentication! Organizations around the globe are embracing a new way to authenticate with FIDO standards, moving past passwords and legacy forms of multifactor authentication to provide users with passkeys for phishing-resistant […]