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The distributed workforce is a global reality – and authentication is key to enabling people to securely work from anywhere. Complex and application specific passwords require frequent resets. Legacy multi-factor authentication (MFA) has made the user experience worse and fundamentally failed to solve the security issue.

HYPR fixes the way the world logs in. HYPR True Passwordless™ MFA platform eliminates by providing uncompromising security assurance and consumer-grade experience. We do this be eliminating the password and giving users seamless experience from the desktop to the cloud. HYPR is FIDO certified end-to-end and deliver phishing-resistant MFA which is recognized as the gold-standard for Zero Trust Authentication.  By eliminating the password and deployments taking hours rather than weeks or months, organizations decrease the risk of a cyber attack, increase positive user experience, and lower operational costs.



We are helping organizations by:

  • Making authentication so easy that users and customers don’t know it’s happening. The experience is fast and seamless from the desktop to the cloud, thereby delighting users while enabling security teams to truly secure their organization against unacceptable risk.

  • Eliminating the weakest link in the security chain by providing authentication that virtually eliminates automated attacks and account takeover.

  • Delivering unparalleled security from business users to consumers to the Internet of Things, eliminating frustration across the entire attack surface.

  • Leading the community of innovators who want to create a safer, more accessible world by advancing the development and use of open standards to create a system that is ubiquitous and not confined to one company.




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Company Brief
2022 State of Passwordless Security
2022 State of Passwordless Security

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Bojan Simic, CEO & Co-Founder, FIDO Board Member
Jay Roxe, Chief Marketing Officer
Michael Rothschild, VP of Product Marketing