By Dr. Rae Hayward, certification director

At the FIDO Alliance, we have a focused set of activities to achieve our mission. We do three things: develop specifications, operate certification programs, and run programs to assist with the market adoption of FIDO Authentication.

Of these three, certification is really what makes the FIDO ecosystem tick. A core tenet of FIDO Authentication is interoperability, i.e. ensuring that everything FIDO – devices, servers, services – work together for an easy and secure authentication experience. Our certification program provides the necessary validation that products do conform to the FIDO specifications and do indeed work with other implementations.

Service providers understand the value of FIDO certification. This is why we’re increasingly seeing service providers list FIDO certification as a requirement on RFPs, and why they tell us they look for the FIDO Certified logo when evaluating vendors for new FIDO rollouts. Only companies that have achieved certification can use the FIDO Certified logo in their marketing materials – product sheets, packaging, brochures and websites. If you’re certified — use it!

Technology providers also understand that FIDO certification is a differentiator that puts them at a sales advantage. The enthusiasm around and growth of FIDO Certified ecosystem of products attests to this. We’re excited to announce our newest certifications today, which puts us over 630 certified products. FIDO2 and FIDO UAF certifications were strong this quarter, as tech providers look to provide solutions for those with cross-platform and mobile-first strategies, respectively.

We also recently awarded our second Biometric Component Certification to Cirrus Logic (the first was Samsung), and the fifth Universal Server in the world to NRI SecureTechnologies,Ltd. Universal Servers are great, because they support the full range of FIDO Authenticators (FIDO UAF, FIDO U2F, FIDO2). We always recommend that relying parties consider deploying a Universal Server in order to ensure optimal end-user experience and compatibility.

These companies have achieved FIDO certification since our last quarterly update:

  • FIDO2: Bank of America; Ensurity Technologies Private Limited; FUJITSU LIMITED; GOTRUSTID Inc; International Systems Research Co.; KONA I Co., Ltd; LoginID; NEC Corporation; Octatco; Secret Double Octopus; SGA Solutions; SupremaID; Synaptics Incorporated, WhoAreYou Holdings Ltd.
  • Universal Server: NRI SecureTechnologies, Ltd
  • FIDO UAF: Adnovum SG; Aisino; Beijing YangFanWeiYe Security Technology Co. Ltd; Movenda SPA; NEC Corporation; Penril Datability; WebComm Technology Co., Ltd
  • Biometric Component: Cirrus Logic

In other Biometric Component Certification program news, Idiap Research Institute, ELITT/Leti CEA and Beijing Unionpay Card Technology Co., Ltd have joined iBETA as accredited independent labs performing biometric evaluations (see our labs page for the details).

Technology providers interested in getting started with FIDO certification should start with the Certification Overview. Ready for interoperability testing? Join us at our next event, September 9-11 in Lisbon Portugal, where we will be testing FIDO UAF, FIDO U2F and FIDO2 implementations.


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