Internet passwords death may have been proclaimed many times before. But this time, with Apple, Google, and Microsoft going big on passkeys, you might soon have to say goodbye to passwords.

So what exactly are passkeys, and how will they make internet passwords obsolete? Well, there are many great things that this new technology has to bring to the table. And when it goes into the full-fledged integration mode, you feel old using passwords for your accounts. Let’s take a deeper dive to understand more about it.


Tech Radar: Bitwarden now supports passkeys on iOS devices

Popular free password manager Bitwarden now supports passkeys on iOS devices. The news follows the…

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GB News: Elon Musk just killed passwords on X, here’s what you need to use a passkey to login

Passkeys were developed by the FIDO Alliance, an industry body with the stated aim of…

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Dark Reading: Selecting the Right Authentication Protocol for Your Business

Authentication protocols like passkeys serve as the backbone of online security, enabling users to confirm…

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