More than 8 billion online accounts can set up passkeys right now, says Andrew Shikiar, the chief executive of the FIDO Alliance, an industry body that has developed the passkey over the past decade. So, I decided to kill my passwords.


Innovation & Tech Today: Minimize Risk and Fraud With New Technologies

Biometric authentication, advocated by FIDO, revolutionizes fraud prevention by replacing vulnerable passwords. With many users…

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Cloudflare TV: Why security keys are the safest way to secure the web

Cloudflare CTO John Graham-Cumming joins FIDO Alliance’s Andrew Shikiar in a fireside chat to discuss…

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Identity Week: HID’s 2024 report highlights mobile IDs, MFA, and sustainability in security trends

With over 83% of organisations currently using MFA, the shift away from password-dependency is clear.…

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