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FIDO ALLIANCE (FIDO) Usage Guidelines

The following guidelines govern the use of the Marks by COMPANY in connection with licensed Products or Services. A copy of the Marks and the appropriate variations of the Marks will be provided to your COMPANY upon execution of the License Agreement.

  1. The Marks may only be used to identify licensed Implementations of COMPANY per the Fido Alliance Specification Trademark License Agreement.  Further, the underlying FIDO and FIDO ALLIANCE marks may not be used standing alone but must always be used in the appropriate Mark as set forth in paragraph E below.
  2. A Mark may not be used in a manner that would imply that COMPANY is sponsored or endorsed by, or affiliated with, the members of FIDO.
  3. A Mark may not be used in a manner that would imply that goods or services provided by COMPANY (other than the licensed Implementation) are sponsored or endorsed by, or affiliated with, FIDO itself or its members.
  4. A Mark may be utilized in the provision of the licensed Implementation (including on software screenshots), on packaging for the related products and in marketing activities, including marketing presentations, corporate marketing collateral, and corporate websites in which the licensed Implementation is identified.
  5. Electronic art of a Mark must be used as provided; changes in color, design, or proportions are not allowed.  Electronic art is provided for reproduction purposes only.  A Mark can be reproduced in black and white; reverse; and/or full color.  Finally, representations of the Marks shown below are representative examples only and should not be reproduced.


When reproduced in full color, the following colors should be used:


Black and White Logo

Black and white usage of a Mark should appear as follows:

bw-logos FIDO Cert_Logo BW

Reversed Logos

If a Mark is to appear on black or dark background in black and white, the reverse version of the Mark is to be used as indicated below:

Reversed logo (color):


Reversed black and white logo:


Reversed black and white logo:


Logos with Snap-ons

If a Snap-on is to be used, usage should be as follows:

Regular logo:


Reversed logo (color):


Black and white logo:


Reversed black and white logo:


Clear Space Requirements

To ensure its integrity, the FIDO Alliance logo must be surrounded by an isolation zone as illustrated below. This clear space isolates the logo from competing graphic elements such as other logos, copy, photography or background patterns that may divert attention. The minimum clear space should be maintained as the logo is proportionally enlarged or reduced in size.


Improper Use

Do not condense, expand or distort the logotype in any way.


Do not condense, expand or distort the logos in any way


Do not change the colors, position the Marks within a contained space, or place any graphic elements around the logos


Do not place the logos on a background that renders them unreadable