Crosscert FIDO

Product Category:Commercial Deployment
Product Company:Crosscert FIDO
Product Specification:U2F

Crosscert offers a powerful and convenient alternative authentication solution developed in accordance with FIDO SPECIFICATIONS v1.0, the standard technical specification of FIDO Alliance. Providing a number of authentication token sync features including fingerprints, PIN, voice and face recognition, etc. – Crosscert FIDO is already serviced by a bank, online cyber university, and companies in Korea. And they use more than 10 million per month.

Crosscert will help you providing a safe user authentication service which had been applied in a number of online services including online banking, payment, gaming & portal sites, etc.

Crosscert will give you a cutting-edge market competitiveness by holding versatility on supported terminals and an alternative authentication solution which integrates 3 major FIDO modules (server, client, ASM/Authenticator)


Crosscert has been leading PKI services and solutions company in Korea since 1999. We were accredited by MOPAS in 2001 for the NPKI CA license, and we implemented our own PKI center with our own solutions. We are one of the most trusted and reliable PKI service providers in Korea today. CrossCert was listed in KOSDAQ in November of 2010.

Crosscert has been the leader of mobile / device PKI platform development with many major installations today.

Crosscert has 18 years of PKI data center operation track record, we know how to run the PKI operation most efficiently and reliably.

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