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"Providing our customers with a simple, secure and transparent digital authentication experience that is consistent across devices and applications is a top priority for us in this mobile age,” said Jim Routh, Chief Security Officer of Aetna. “With our experience, influence and background, we are proud to become a board member of the FIDO Alliance and continue to develop secure authentication solutions for the healthcare industry that can reduce the reliance on the use of insecure solutions that are based on username and passwords."
Alibaba group
"Our many businesses and services are enriched by authentication that creates a better and more reliable user experience, as well as insightful risk management. We look forward to participating on the FIDO Alliance board, and assuring that commerce and authentication are uniquely cooperative and seamlessly compatible," said Ni Liang, Alibaba group, senior director, department of security."
"Amazon’s mission is to be Earth’s most customer-centric company. Customer trust has always been at the center of every decision we make, especially in securing customer information. As an early innovator in ecommerce, Amazon had to blaze our own trail in creating a positive ecommerce experience for customers, while also securing transactions to protect customers and earn and maintain their trust. We look forward to working with other industry leaders on a customer-focused approach to authentication."
American Express
"As the lines between offline and online commerce blur, addressing identity verification for managing payments is pivotal to the future of the financial industry," said Upendra Mardikar, Vice President, Security Strategy, Architecture & Engineering at American Express. "Partnering with experts in FIDO will enable American Express and the financial industry to pave the path to more secure payments."
"ARM is supportive of FIDO's vision of a world beyond passwords and our security architecture can help to turn that into reality," says Rob Coombs, Director of Security Marketing, ARM. "As a board member we want to push for the universal adoption of FIDO authentication as it will allow people to securely connect to the services they care about in a frictionless way that links multiple web-based services with a diverse range of devices. Biometrics are already being used to authorize financial transactions from a smartphone, and it's easy to see how technology such as ARM® TrustZone® technology-based Trusted Execution Environment can be used with FIDO standards to move beyond passwords into a world where authentication methods are interoperable. The key is ensuring that embedded security builds on appropriate hardware and software that is well integrated so it's fit for purpose and cost-effective."
Bank of America
“We are committed to providing our customers with the latest advancements in mobile device authentication,” said Hari Gopalkrishnan, Client Facing Platforms Technology executive at Bank of America. “Using the FIDO standard in the authentication process for the mobile banking app makes it easier and faster for our customers to access their information in a secure manner.”
BC Card Co., Ltd.
"As well as giving the payment service utilizing biometrics authentication, we will do our best to give the highest value to our customers through the collaboration with global companies in various industries", said Jung Sub Han, Head of Digital Lab, BC Card. "As the first FIDO Board member among the Asian Financial institutions, BC Card will lead more comfortable and secure payment service based on FIDO technologies. BC Card has been actively driving market innovation, introducing FIDO-based BC Pay voice authentication system, which is the first application in the world, and Samsung Pay fingerprints authentication system. We are pleased to join the FIDO Alliance. Together with FIDO Alliance, we look forward to delivering comfort and security to customers' payment experience."
"By becoming a board member of the Alliance, Daon is provided with the opportunity to collaborate with industry leaders to reach a common goal—more secure, more convenient and more flexible authentication solutions," said Daon President, Americas Conor White. "Biometrics and multi-factor security play key roles in developing protocol standards, and we are eager to contribute our deep expertise in these areas to the Alliance."
"Providing our customers with a simple, convenient, and secure digital life experience is a top priority for us during this BYOD generation due to secure and reliable authentication issues across multiple devices and access points," said Steve Ro, Chairman and CEO of Egis. "With our influence and background, we are proud to become a board member of the FIDO Alliance and continue to develop simpler and more secure authentication solutions that over time can eliminate the reliance on passwords."
Feitian Technologies
"Dedicated commitment to protect identity and secure access to online applications has been our focus since the company was established in 1998," says Huang Yu, CEO and Founder of Feitian Technologies. "With the Cloud and the Internet of Everything upon us, it is more important than ever to secure a connected world through reliable identification. By joining FIDO Alliance as a Board member, we can now accelerate our vision and continue our dedication to the FIDO specifications through the targeted development and production of FIDO-enabled computing devices for strong user authentication that meet the rapidly changing requirements of the industry and reduce the problems associated with passwords."
“Joining the FIDO Alliance at the Board level demonstrates our strong commitment to a world beyond passwords and pins,” says David Burnett, VP, Global Ecosystem Development at Fingerprint Cards and FIDO Alliance Board Member. “We are excited to work with other global industry leaders to help create simple and secure authentication experiences that are widely available to consumers.”
“User authentication has been at the heart of Gemalto’s offering since the beginning. We aim to deploy secure and convenient solutions to our banking, government, enterprise, telecom and IOT customers,” said Bertrand Knopf, EVP Banking & Payment at Gemalto. “We share the same goal as the FIDO Alliance, with which we are happy to collaborate to help with the deployment of standard authentication solutions, bringing our expertise in cryptography, mobile security and biometry.”
"Joining the FIDO Alliance is a great way to increase industry momentum around open standards for strong authentication," says Sam Srinivas, Product Management Director for Information Security at Google and FIDO Alliance Board Member. "We look forward to continuing our current development work on strong, universal second-factor tokens as part of a new FIDO Alliance working group."
"OT-Morpho is now IDEMIA, the global leader in trusted identities for an increasingly digital world, with the ambition to empower citizens and consumers alike to interact, pay, connect, travel and vote in ways that are now possible in a connected environment. Securing our identity has become mission critical in the world we live in today. By standing for Augmented Identity, we reinvent the way we think, produce, use and protect this asset, whether for individuals or for objects. We ensure privacy and trust as well as guarantee secure, authenticated and verifiable transactions for international clients from Financial, Telecom, Identity, Security and IoT sectors. With close to €3bn in revenues, IDEMIA is the result of the merger between OT (Oberthur Technologies) and Safran Identity & Security (Morpho). This new company counts 14,000 employees of more than 80 nationalities and serves clients in 180 countries."
"As a founding member of the FIDO Alliance, Infineon is delighted to become a member of the Board," said Joerg Borchert, vice president of the chip card and security business at Infineon Technologies Americas Corp. "With active participation by leaders from multiple business segments, the FIDO Alliance is succeeding in its mission of making the connected world safer for both businesses and consumers by assuring that security measures are easy to use."
"In today's digital world, our customers expect to do their banking the way they want, when they want and in a consistent, reliable, clear and easy way. ING's strategy is built on providing our customers access anytime, anywhere in a clear and easy way. Yet, security is paramount and cannot be compromised," said Rob Bening, Chief Information Security Officer, ING Bank. "We support FIDO authentication and its advancement globally, because it's an open, scalable and interoperable framework that can support the current and future authentication needs of our customers and the industry."
"As our digital lives become increasingly personal and connected, maintaining secure, reliable authentication across multiple devices and access points is becoming completely unwieldy. We are excited to collaborate with other industry leaders in the FIDO Alliance to develop simpler and more secure solutions to authenticate users and to eliminate the need for passwords over time," said Mark Hocking, vice president and general manager of Safe Identity at Intel Security. "By applying our deep expertise and resources in computing platforms, security and software, we believe we can have a tremendous impact in helping the industry solve the password problem which will greatly benefit our customers."
"Lenovo products have earned a reputation for outstanding security features and designs," said Mark Cohen, Vice President and General Manager, Ecosystem and Monetization, Lenovo. "Recognizing that our customers wanted more than just passwords for authentication, we began shipping ThinkPad PCs with integrated fingerprint readers nearly a decade ago. We are excited about the new FIDO standard because it enhances both security and convenience, enabling biometric and other forms of authentication to take place directly between the user and the service that he or she is trying to use."
“We look forward to contributing to the FIDO Alliance at the board level, as LINE is dedicated to improving security and convenience for our users and the world,” said Takesh Nakayama, CPO/CISO of LINE Corporation. “We will accomplish this by implementing the password-less authentication methods proposed by FIDO Alliance, not only for the main LINE messaging app and other existing apps, but also for future IoT and other services. By implementing FIDO authentication methods into LINE and other applications, we expect to resolve various security and privacy concerns, including phishing, account hijacking, and unauthorized use of services, stemming from existing password authentication systems.”
"As consumers continue to interact across smarter devices and new technologies beyond the traditional plastic card, we're committed to continue to deliver simpler, better and more secure payment experiences," said Ed McLaughlin, chief emerging payments officer, MasterCard. "We believe our involvement with the FIDO Alliance, as well as other activities across the industry, will help deliver strong security for consumers, merchants and issuers without impacting the consumer buying experience."
"Microsoft has a track record of unwavering commitment to security and significant contributions to open standards organizations. Joining the FIDO Alliance board of directors is a logical step for us as a way to serve our customers and the community," said David Treadwell, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft. "As a contributor to the FIDO Alliance working groups on next generation authentication, we look forward to furthering our innovation and thought leadership in the identity space."
"Nok Nok Labs is focused on removing complexity from strong authentication and to improve the consumer experience. The goal has been to create an experience for both sides of the transaction that was strong, simple and scalable." said Ramesh Kesanupalli, Founder of Nok Nok Labs and FIDO visionary."The driving motivation behind both the FIDO Alliance and Nok Nok Labs was to solve one of the great problems of modern computing – our reliance on insecure passwords. As a founding member of the FIDO Alliance, Nok Nok is proud to be delivering FIDO Certified(tm) servers and clients that enable deploying organizations to leverage FIDO to authenticate using any device, any application and any authenticator."
"By eliminating passwords with FIDO standards, we are able to deliver a superior end-user experience that includes enhanced security features; we will also be able to introduce innovative new services and product offerings that can utilize standards-based platforms and devices," said Seiji Maruyama, Senior Vice President, Managing Director of Product Department, NTT DOCOMO, INC. "After reviewing the different approaches to authentication available today, we settled on the FIDO standards as the right strategy for solving the current and future authentication needs of our customers. Since the FIDO technology is open standard anyone will be able to utilize, we look forward to creating the FIDO eco-system together with FIDO Alliance."
"We believe strong authentication, beyond username and password, is essential to secure cloud services and enable growth of the Internet in new applications," said Sami Nassar, General Manager Authentication PL, NXP Semiconductors. "NXP brings decades of Bank and Government grade security experience and technology leadership to FIDO and the computing industry."
"OneSpan helps organizations make bold digital transformation by establishing trust in people’s identities, devices and transactions using proven technologies and implementation practices honed from decades working with security-conscious organizations,” said OneSpan CEO, Scott Clements. "We do this in part thanks to our relationship with FIDO, which is helping set the standards for our emerging authentication products while unifying authentication technology globally. As a board member and contributor to FIDO Alliance working groups, OneSpan looks to its FIDO relationship to help further its trusted identity strategy, technology innovation and industry leadership."
"At PayPal the security of our customer's personal and financial information is our top priority," said J. Trent Adams, Director of Ecosystem Security at PayPal. "Given that strong authentication is key to protecting access to sensitive information, we co-founded the FIDO Alliance to help innovate in this area. We believe that the standards and best practices developed within the Alliance are providing interoperable and stronger authentication for our customers, making the authentication process simpler for end users, and more scalable across the industry."
"Our customers, in industries ranging from smartphones and tablets, to automobiles and wearables, have come to count on Qualcomm® Security Solutions, integrated within our Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processors and Qualcomm® Gobi™ modems, to help secure their consumer devices," said Raj Talluri, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. "Like many of our customers, we are concerned about user privacy, the inadequacy of existing password methods of authentication and the lack of interoperability among strong authentication devices. So we're proud to be working with our fellow FIDO Alliance board members to develop new, scalable standards that help people to more securely and easily connect to online services."
"Since our company's founding, Raonsecure has been devoted to improving customer experience and security for mobile and PC online application, especially in the financial sector", said Dongpyo Hong, Chief Alliance Officer at Raonsecure Co. Ltd. "We are very pleased to be joining the FIDO Alliance board, where we may leverage our experience and background in endpoint security to contribute to the future of the FIDO specification for strong authentication. By cooperating to evolve the FIDO ecosystem, we work to create a lasting legacy of enhanced privacy and security online for the entire world."
"RSA has taken a leading role in authentication since its inception. We join the FIDO Alliance as a Board Member to continue our leadership and join other industry leaders in developing authentication that delivers choice and interoperability with privacy to meet the needs of diverse user populations," said Kayvan Alikhani, Senior Director of Technology, RSA. "RSA's resources and expertise in authentication will serve our customers and the FIDO community as we protect next generation access with higher levels of user convenience."
"Samsung is driving the global security agenda for mobile and IoT devices, making safe and secure connected living possible and is committed to securing any element of our connected world so that consumers and businesses can safely experience the full benefits of mobility and the Internet of Things.” said, Dr. Henry Lee, Senior Vice President of Mobile Security at Samsung Electronics. It is crucial to authenticate the parties becoming connected and successful authentication builds a trusted environment. As FIDO standards offer users an improved secure experience in authentication and protect the privacy of the user by keeping users’ biometric data within the secure area on the user device, the FIDO mechanisms can be instrumental to enable our devices to connect each other with high confidence and improved user experience in a secure manner."
“As a founding member of the FIDO Alliance, we are dedicated to developing open, scalable and interoperable standards that accelerate the adoption of mobile payments, enhance the security of devices and online transactions, and reduce the reliance on passwords,” says Anthony Gioeli, VP of Marketing, Synaptics Biometrics Product Division. “Our hardware and software components enable FIDO compliant biometric authentication in our customers’ smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and PC peripherals.”
"USAA is committed to ensuring the trust and confidence of its membership by providing secure digital experiences across all channels,” said Wil Bennett, Chief Information Security Officer. "We support solutions that can help simplify and secure our members' financial transactions while keeping cyber theft at bay."
Visa Inc.
"Strong authentication is vitally important as the future of payments becomes increasingly mobile and digital," said Mark Nelsen, head of risk products and business intelligence, Visa Inc. "As payment technologies continue to advance, an open, scalable and interoperable framework will support a move away from simple, static password-based authentication and towards more advanced methods that will improve security as well as enable more frictionless, convenient commerce."
“Advancing adoption of open industry standards reflects VMware’s core value of giving back to communities of all types,” said Alex Tosheff, Chief Security Officer, VMware, “ Supporting the FIDO Alliance is one way VMware shows its commitment in the security industry. Together we are bringing an open industry standard to multi-factor authentication, so that organizations and their employees have more choice in how they maintain trust in their working environments.”
"Yubico was founded with the same mission as the FIDO Alliance; to make strong two-factor authentication easy and affordable for everyone. We are proud to serve as a board member of the FIDO Alliance, to work closely with the Internet thought leaders and contribute to FIDO open authentication standards." - Stina Ehrensvard
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