Member Benefits & Fees

Benefits of FIDO Alliance Membership

There are significant benefits to taking part in FIDO as a member, whether your company is a vendor looking to bring FIDO-based solutions to market, or if your organization is a service provider seeking to understand the most effective ways to deploy FIDO Authentication to your customers and/or employees.  Benefits vary according to membership level, but core value propositions include:

  • Access and influence on FIDO’s specificationsBy taking part in FIDO’s technical working groups, members have the ability to shape and have early visibility into FIDO’s technical output – which can help accelerate product and service development.
  • Establish best practices for deployment of FIDO AuthenticationFIDO’s Deployment at Scale Working Group is tasked with addressing common challenges facing enterprises and relying parties that are bringing FIDO Authentication to 3.5B+ end users around the world.
  • Awareness and engagement on global policy issuesFIDO’s Public Policy and Privacy Working Group is comprised of policy experts around the globe that are shaping FIDO’s direct engagement and responses to regulatory bodies around the globe.
  • Take part in FIDO market development activities:  FIDO is actively working to educate and engage the global marketplace on the benefits of FIDO Authentication, including the opportunity for FIDO Certified vendors to take part in leading events at discounted rates as well as targeted FIDO seminars that reach early adopters around the world.
  • Discount on FIDO Certification:  Enterprises around the world are requiring FIDO Certified solutions as part of their RFPs.  FIDO members receive a discount for certification testing and trademark usage.

More information on membership benefits and fees per level are detailed in the matrix below; you can also contact us to discuss further.

Membership Benefits & Dues by Level

* Annual dues as of January 2016. Fee structure subject to change without prior written notice at the discretion of the FIDO Alliance.
^ Associate dues are $2500 for organizations with 100 or fewer employees and $15,000 for organizations with 101 or more employees.
Board membership is open by application to current Sponsor level members.


Leadership Benefits

Eligible to serve as a Working Group ChairEligible to serve as a Working Group Vice Chair, Scribe or EditorMay propose the chartering of a new Working GroupMay vote on the chartering of Working GroupsSets the strategic direction of the Alliance

Participation Benefits

May participate in any Working GroupMay vote in any Working GroupMay participate & vote in Board meetingsMay attend & participate in any Plenary meetingsMay attend any one Plenary Meeting per calendar yearMay participate in FIDO-sponsored eventsEligible to serve as a Liaison OfficerMay contribute to specification requirementsMay contribute to specification developmentEligible to be an Invited Participant in a Working Group by its Chair

Commercial Benefits

May use the “FIDO Alliance Member” trademarkEligible to receive FIDO Executive quotes in your press release (subject to approval)Eligible to be featured with a quote in FIDO announcements (subject to approval)Priority eligibility to participate in FIDO Alliance marketing activitiesMay benefit from the non-assert IPR policy on Implementation Draft SpecificationsShall benefit from the non-assert IPR policy on Proposed Standard SpecificationsShall have logo featured on FIDO Alliance websiteShall have logo featured in FIDO Alliance presentation materials and named in press releases


Benefits of FIDO Authentication

While FIDO membership is not a requirement for deploying FIDO Authentication or developing FIDO Certified solutions, active participants do gain greater insight into the FIDO specifications which will help accelerate internal familiarity and development.

Core benefits of FIDO Authentication include:

  • Stronger account/transaction security – This results in lower loss rates and fewer problems to mitigate, and will bring the possibility of improved customer loyalty and less churn. Improved authentication will also reduce risk and enable new business models and revenue streams.
  • Improved user experience – The FIDO solution enables businesses to improve convenience for both customers and employees. As users no longer need to remember complex passwords, user provisioning is therefore simplified and the cost associated with remote password resets will be drastically reduced.
  • Improved return of investment in authentication – The costs associated with the deployment and support of new solutions will be significantly reduced in comparison to current proprietary approaches which connect a single device type to a single application. System management functionality will be provided by the FIDO infrastructure, rather than having to be built by each application developer. Less testing will be required, as all devices just need to plug into the FIDO interface, and the time to introduce new technologies is significantly reduced.
  • Reduced risk of fraud – Users of all FIDO-enabled websites and cloud or mobile applications will enjoy a reduced risk of identity fraud, with the convenience of not having to remember—and worry about—passwords. Trust in online systems will grow again as a result of consistent user experiences and higher security.

If you are interested in further discussion on joining the FIDO Alliance please contact us.