On Demand Registration Calendar

On Demand Testing is a new option for vendors to complete the required Interoperability Testing step of Functional Certification without attending an Interoperability Event, instead one-on-one testing sessions are available with the FIDO Certification Secretariat and can be scheduled using the “Register Now!” link in the Calendar below.

Please note, On Demand registration should not be used as debug sessions, testing sessions should be scheduled when the vendor has confidence the implementation is ready for certification testing. Vendors with questions about Conformance Self-Validation or Interoperability Testing can view the FIDO Developers Forum or email the group at [email protected].

On Demand Testing is currently only available for U2F implementations. The On Demand program relies on Reference Implementations, to be available for On Demand Testing there must be a minimum of three reference implementations of each implementation class where each of the three implementations must be from a different member company. Please view the Reference Implementation Library page and consider donating a Reference Implementation.

Please sign up for On Demand Testing at least 48 hours in advance of the testing session you select.