Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Who are the judges?
A. The judges are assigned by FIDO members who are sponsoring this program. They are technical, marketing, and business development experts in the field.
Q. Are there specific markets or solutions that I should consider?
A. There really isn’t a limit to potential submission areas. Based on past experience, some of the strongest applicants will be from teams that marry a unique use case and/or the team’s market expertise with the enhanced user experience and security that comes with FIDO Authentication. We are NOT seeking alternative authentication schemes.
Q. What are the final evaluation criteria?
A. The judges will evaluate your projects based on these criteria:
– Technical Excellence (25%): Have you successfully developed your services (or product) based on your original plan?  Is FIDO Authentication working without any issue?
– Impact & Coolness (25%): Have you addressed social or technical problem that need to be solved?  Does your service or product offer a creative approach to addressing the selected problem?
– Team Capability & Diversity (25%): Are your team members consist of capabilities to complete the proposing idea?  Do they have required knowledge and experience?
– Business Value (25%): Does your proposing service (or product) affect a market that we know and understand?  Does it have a market?
Q. What are the prizes?
A. The tangible prizes are:
– Certifications of completion
– FIDO Goods (e.g., T-shirts, stickers, etc.)
– Latest smartphones (3 per team)
The intangible prizes are:
– Opportunity to be recognized among global FIDO community
– Invitation to Authenticate 2021 and chance to make a presentation
Q. What is an ideal number of team members and their roles?
A. 2~3 members, who can serve in the roles of project manager, UX designer, and developers
Q. Can we submit our contents and make presentations in another language?
A. The official language of this program is English.
Q. Can you provide a FIDO SDK?
A. (Although we really want you to use public APIs only) If you state that you need a FIDO SDK in your application, then we will seek a way to provide one from the sponsoring members
Q. If we are selected as the top 3, are we invited to join Authenticate 2021 onsite?  If so, are we provided with travel and lodging cost?
A. Participants from the top three teams will be provided with complementary passes to Authenticate 2021. Travel and lodging costs will be covered for the winning team (up to three members).
Q. Who do we contact for general inquiries?
A. Please send your email to

Protecting your Intellectual Properties

Do not submit anything that you feel uncomfortable in terms of protecting your intellectual properties.  The intellectual properties that participants brought to the event and what was developed during a program shall be under the command of the intellect that generated it.